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Who should I contact to discuss the concerns or needs of my child?

Information and Guidance

Class teacher

Your child’s class teacher should always be your first point of contact if you want to discuss any issues regarding your child’s learning.

He / she is responsible for:

  • Having the highest possible expectations for your child and all pupils in their class.
  • Planning for, delivering and evaluating high quality teaching which is adapted to respond to strengths and needs of all pupils.
  • Putting in place different ways of teaching so that your child is fully involved in learning in class. This may involve providing different resources adapted to your child.
  • Putting in place specific strategies to enable your child to access all areas of school life.
  • Checking on the progress of your child and identifying and planning for any additional support.
  • Contributing to devising class and individual provision maps to focus on the next steps required for your child to improve learning.
  • Applying the school’s SEND policy.

If you have concerns about your child you should speak to your child’s class teacher. You may then be directed to the SENCO.

Our school SENCO: Mrs J Golding

She is responsible for:

  • Coordinating provision for children with SEND and developing the school’s SEND policy
  • Ensuring that parents are:
    • Involved in supporting their child’s learning and access
    • Kept informed about the range and level of support offered to their child and how their child is doing
    • Consulted about planning successful movement (transition) to a new class or school
  • Liaising with a range of agencies outside of school who can offer advice and support to help pupils overcome any difficulties
  • Providing specialist advice and facilitating training to ensure that all staff are skilled and confident about meeting a range of needs.

Our Head teacher: Mrs R Haig

She is responsible for:

  • Making sure the school has an up to date SEND policy.
  • Supporting the school to evaluate and develop quality and impact of provision for pupils with SEND across the school.