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The Lodge - Nurture Group

What is a Nurture Group?

A Nurture Group is a supportive class that provides a safe predictable environment that caters for the different developmental needs of each child. The staff assess learning and social and emotional needs to give whatever help is needed to remove the barriers to learning.  They model positive relationships and provide an emphasis on emotional and social development as well as academic progress. Children work either 1:1 with an adult, in pairs or in small groups, and their levels of achievement are raised through carefully targeted teaching and learning opportunities. The curriculum includes the National Curriculum and takes account our school policies. This is a short term intervention and it is expected that children will return to their classrooms on a full time basis within 2 – 4 terms.

Our Nurture Group

Our Nurture Style Group will be managed by Mrs Underwood.  The timetable is carefully structured and includes a balance of teaching and learning activities, fun enrichment experiences and interventions such as social skills and building resilience. Children will be helped to learn how to regulate emotions and will develop their self-esteem and confidence through close and trusting relationships with adults.  The Lodge (Nurture Room) is a safe space for children with a homely feel.  Parents are encouraged to visit The Lodge and questions are welcomed.

How parents and carers can help

Children will make the best progress when they work in close partnership with parents and carers as well as the school. This enables a consistent approach both at home and at school.  Mrs Underwood is more than happy to provide support and suggestions for parents who would like advice and equally, welcome feedback from parents too.

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