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Punctuation, Grammar and Vocabulary

Punctuation and Grammar

Three days a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays), a discrete lesson is taught to cover punctuation or grammatical terms. This normally follows a sequence of teach-practise-assess. Within teacher’s marking of books, punctuation and grammar is checked and children are required to make corrections using a green pen.

Vocabulary development

Children’s command of vocabulary is key to their learning and progress across the whole curriculum. Teachers therefore develop vocabulary actively, building systematically on children’s current knowledge. They aim to increase pupils’ store of words in general.

Simultaneously, children are encouraged to make links between known and new vocabulary and discuss the shades of meaning in similar words. In this way, children expand the vocabulary choices that are available to them when they write. It is particularly important to introduce children to the language which defines each subject in its own right, such as accurate mathematical and scientific language.

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