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Outdoor Learning

What is Outdoor Learning?

  • ‘In a nutshell, outdoor learning is an umbrella term which covers every type of learning experience which happens outdoors.’ (Juliet Robertson – Dirty Teaching)
  • Outdoor learning encompasses all aspect of learning happening outside including adventurous activities, team challenges, environmental education and playground games.

Why Outdoor Learning?


  • Learning happens as a result of the relationships between people, the nature of the activity and the place and time where it takes place.
  • The idea of place as an important part of the learning process comes from the work of Sir Patrick Geddes (1854 – 1932).
  • Lots of our current thinking focusses on the activities and people but misses the place and time.

Outdoor Learning and our Curriculum

  • Outdoor learning is a different approach to what many of us may have experienced ourselves at school.
  • Outdoor Learning is a core element of every area of our curriculum here at Hayes Primary and it helps to enhance all learning experiences.
  • When planning lessons teachers are always looking for opportunities to ensure the learning happens outdoors.

Additional Outdoor Learning Specific Activities

Each year group will participate in these additional activities, linked to our Values, to promote and develop outdoor learning and our site throughout the year.