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Awards for Excellence

Every half-term, class teachers choose two children to receive an Award for Excellence. These awards are highly regarded within the school and great care and time is taken to select children who have shown outstanding progress and who strive to achieve their very best.

The Awards for Excellence are presented during an assembly to celebrate the children’s success and to encourage their enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Parents of children in receipt of an award are invited to attend the assembly. The awards are then displayed in our school for everyone to see.

Well done everyone who has received an Awards for Excellence and keep up the great work all of you striving to receive one!

Last terms Awards for Excellence went to:

Name Class
Adinah Apple
Maya Apple
Alfie Cherry
Edmund Cherry
Daniella Maple
Elijah Maple
Sandie Rowan
Thomas Rowan
Alexia Ash
Tommy Ash
Jordon Elder
Lacey Elder
Ben Beech
Mason Beech
Katie Willow
Nathan Willow
Alice Elm
Connor Elm
Iris Sycamore
Marlena Sycamore
Aidan Birch
Shannayah Birch
Adrian Pine
Kayla Pine
Ava Cedar
Letcian Cedar
Jonah Oak
Alejandro Oak