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We are a 'Good' school confirms Challenge Partners

Challenge Partners, an external review led by an Ofsted inspector, verifies that Elmstead Wood is a 'Good' school. 

Challenge Partners stems from London Challenge, a model based on school partnership, collaborative school improvement that was very successful in turning around education in the capital and is still talked about today in the media. Challenge Partners is formed of 461 schools nationwide who work together to support and challenge each other to be better. As part of this process every year each school has a review which is independent and conducted by external professionals, including a Lead Reviewer who will be either a current or former Ofsted inspector. These reviews are carried out over 3 days and are an intensive examination of each school which can then be used for developmental purposes to move forward. The schools are also reviewed against a framework which, whilst not Ofsted, is very similar indeed and looks at the same key issues. Schools receive a summary of estimates which, in part, estimate how the school might perform if inspected by Ofsted. Our most recent report in October 2018 found that our school was "Good" in all areas. Please read the review to gain a further understanding of Elmstead Wood Primary School.

There is a warm and welcoming ethos which pervades the school. Classrooms are characterised by very strong relationships between teachers, teaching assistants and pupils, and between pupils themselves. As a result, pupils feel both motivated and safe to learn, so their level of engagement is high....Routines are extremely well embedded and teachers have high expectations of pupils getting on with their learning... Pupils’ books are well presented and they demonstrate a pride in their work.  Pupils’ behaviour for learning is strong and they are supportive and encouraging of each other. They clearly enjoy working together and collaborate happily. 

Challenge Partners Review (October 2018)